Rental Conditions

Turkey Holiday Rental conditions

1. Booking contract
The booking contract, which is binding, confirms the rental agreement entered into by the company, Turkey-Holiday-Rental, and the client. Once the reservation has been made the client is sent two copies of the booking contract/invoice. One copy of the booking contract should be
signed and returned to Turkey-Holiday-Rental within 10 working days.

The following details are registered in the rental agreement:

landlord’s name: name, adress, phonenumbers en bankaccount details
Name and address of the park: name, adress en phonenumbers
Rental period: name, adress and the hometown
The maximum number of people per night,:
The price.:

2. Liability of Turkey-Holiday-Rental
Turkey-Holiday-Rental is responsible for the proper performance of the contract. Should Turkey-Holiday-Rental be responsible for any loss of enjoyment of the holiday, suffered by the client, the maximum compensation payable will not exceed the total rental price . Turkey-Holiday-Rental is required to assist, as far as reasonably possible, any client who may need assistance. Any costs incurred will be covered by Turkey-Holiday-Rental should contractual obligations not be met by them. Should the client be liable, Turkey-Holiday-Rental will give help and assistance as far as can be reasonably expected. The client will have to cover the costs in this case.

Turkey-Holiday-Rental has the legal right to revoke the contract without recourse to the courts should the client fail to meet the conditions of payment (sent by recorded delivery) or the rental agreement during the period of stay in the accommodation. Turkey-Holiday-Rental is responsiblefor ensuring that the rented accommodation is clean and in proper order on the client’s arrival.

In the event of any problems the client should notify Turkey-Holiday-Rental within 24 hours. Turkey-Holiday-Rental cannot be held responsible for deficient contractual services if ,under Dutch law, the problem is not the fault of Turkey-Holiday-Rental . Should the client behave offensively thus causing disruption to others or in general Turkey-Holiday-Rental reserves the right to deny entry to the accommodation after a first warning. In addition Turkey-Holiday-Rental cannot be held responsible for offensive behaviour by other guests. Turkey-Holiday-Rental has not taken out any insurance to cover personal or material damage which may be suffered by the client during the stay in the accommodation. Turkey-Holiday-Rental is thus excluded from any liability for such damage.

Turkey-Holiday-Rental is not responsible for temporary electricity or water failure in the accommodation, any changes in access roads, traffic connections, moves and/or closure of shops, companies etc., building and construction work and road works around the accommodation if these were not announced beforehand. Turkey-Holiday-Rental is not liable for damage as a result of force majeure e.g. natural disasters, strikes, exceptional weather conditions, war, epidemics, and oil and petrol rationing. Should Turkey-Holiday-Rental be forced to cancel due to circumstances beyond its control, the client will be offered alternative accommodation or a refund of any monies paid. In both cases the client has no further claim. Turkey-Holiday-Rental is not responsible for any damage arising from a non fulfillment of the contract if this non fulfillment can be ascribed to the client.

3. Liability of the client
The client, as named in the rental contract, is responsible for any co-travellers and possible guests.
The client is responsible for ensuring that the accommodation is not occupied by more people than stated in the contract without the prior permission of Turkey-Holiday-Rental. Should this number be exceeded the rental agreement will be considered to be annulled without any right to a refund of the rent or any part thereof. The client must ensure that the accommodation is tidy and it must be left clean and tidy. Any extra cleaning costs in addition to the normal cleaning costs will be charged to the client. The client is liable for the accommodation and its contents.

The client must repair (or have repaired) at their own expense, any damage to the accommodation or contents thereof caused by the client during the stay. Any damage to the accommodation or its contents must be reported to Turkey-Holiday-Rental within 24 hours. Any repair or replacement costs must be paid on the spot. These costs may possibly be reclaimed on the client’s holiday insurance at a later date. Should damage be discovered once the client has left it will be repaired at the client’s expense. It is advisable for the client to ensure that he/she has personal liability insurance (e.g. in the case of fire caused by the client).This insurance is usually covered by liability insurance in the Netherlands. The client should also take out holiday and cancellation insurance.

The following conditions of payment apply:

Possibility 1:
– within 14 days after date of reservation: 25% of the total amount by bank account or “paypal”
– 30 days before the start of the rental period: 75% of the total amount by bank account or “paypal”

If the contract is signed within 30 days before the start of the rental period then the full amount is due.

4. Prices
All prices quoted on the web site are subject to change. Price changes cannot be made within a period of 6 months after the signing of the rental agreement.

5. Complaints
Any complaints about missing or broken items in the bungalow must be passed on to Turkey Holiday Rental by telephone, fax, telex or letter within 24 hours. The client is obliged to allow Turkey Holiday Rental 48 hours to replace or repair any missing or broken items.

Should there be any damage the client must make sure this is as little as possible to ensure any losses to Turkey Holiday Rental are kept to a minimum. Should the complaint not be suitably resolved, the client must complain in writing within 2 weeks of returning.

Turkey Holiday Rental is not responsible for any complaints or compensation if a client leaves early without informing Turkey Holiday Rental or if he does not respect the 24 hour limit for passing on a complaint.

6. Cancellation
Should the client wish to cancel the mutual agreement this must be done in writing and by registered post to Turkey-Holiday-Rental. The cancellation is valid from the date on which Turkey-Holiday-Rental receives the letter. The following cancellation charges are applicable:

– 63 to 42 days before arrival: 35% of the total amount
– 41 to 21 days before arrival: 75% of the total amount
– Less than 20 days before arrival: 100% of the total amount

The client may sublet the property. Both the client and the subletee are responsible for the payment and any outstanding amounts.€ 40 administration costs will be charged for any changes. Any changes must be made in writing to Turkey-Holiday-Rental.

7. Pets
Pets are only accepted if permission has been granted by Turkey-Holiday-Rental and is stated in the rental agreement.

8. Prices
All prices quoted in the web site are inclusive of electricity and water.

9. Jurisdiction
The contract signed by the client and Turkey-Holiday-Rental is governed by Dutch Law.
All disagreements will be dealt with in the courts local to the head office of Turkey-Holiday-Rental.

10. Website
In addition we refer you to the information which can be found on our web site.