Touristic t(r)ips

Sun, sea, beach and relatively low prices make Turkey a popular holiday destination. There is a lot to do during your stay in Turkey, things like water sports, a hike in the mountains and even winter sports are possible in Turkey. We did not even mention the historical sights. The nature, we almost forgot de special nature in Turkey: white limestone terraces in Pamukkale, salt desserts, peat rock landscape of Cappadocië and the wooded, high mountains in the East of Turkey where nomads still live.

The Turkish kitchen

The Turkish kitchen is really tasty. The dishes are seasoned slightly spicy, but when you love your food very spicy you have to try the Adana Kebab. The Tavuk Güveç (Chicken Casserole) is also delicious and it can be found on almost every menu. It is a chicken dish with vegetables that is prepared in the oven. When you have finished your main course you have the opportunity to choose a sweet but lovely dessert, Baklava. Furthermore, in almost every restaurant they will offer you a Turkish coffee or Turkish tea from the house. Warning, these drinks are a little bit stronger than we are used to.

If you are staying in the villa in Yaniklar it is lovely to eat in Fethiye at the harbor or in Çalış at the boulevard. The menu does not only exist of traditional Turkish dishes, but it would be a shame to not try any of these dishes.

You will enjoy the exquisite taste of these dishes, enjoy your meal in advance!

Turkish Bath

Want to be completely relaxed? Go to one of the many local Turkish bathhouses. You can often choose from various packages. These exist of a sauna visit, massage, body scrub, body foam wash, body peeling, etc. Your skin will become wonderfully soft and it is really restful!

Some Turkish bathhouses offer other services. Examples of these services are for instance facial cares, barber, mani- and pedicure, and body cares. There are many kind of body cares like coffee peeling, salt peeling, grape seed peeling and body clay. In short, enough to choose from for a relaxing afternoon!

Local markets

When you are in Turkey it is definitely worth the effort to visit a local market. The products that are sold here are very divergent. Local farmers come to this market to sell their own grown vegetables and fruit. You won’t get it fresher than that. Besides this, the prices are very low for these fresh products. Furthermore, different cheeses, nuts, herbs, and spices are sold here.

Enough about the food they sell. There is much more sold on these markets. For instance sunglasses, bags, purses, shoes, wallets, all sorts of clothing, bedding, music boxes, jewelry, fabrics, and a lot more.

After you scoured the marktets you of course are hungry. There are often little stalls with terraces where you can get a delicious dürüm döner. These are very tasteful!

When you stay in the villa in Yaniklar you can go to the market in Fethiye. If you stay in the penthouse in Dalaman you can got to Köyceğiz.


A wonderful beach that you have to visit for sure is Ölüdeniz beach. The seawater is clear, clean, and blue. The boulevard has a lot of cosy beach bars and restaurants where you can get a breath of fresh air. Moreover, there is an activity that is very popular here: paragliding! It is fun and beautiful to do because of the beautiful view on the sea and surrounding mountains. From Ölüdeniz beach you can take a boat to the butterfly valley. This valley contains a beach with a big valley walking inland. As the name reveals, lots of butterflies can be found here.


Another beautiful experience is Saklikent. This is a canyon which you can walk through. The first part is through cold, flowing water. After this it is possible to walk into the canyon pretty far without trouble. Further in the canyon you have to start climbing to get to the end. Another activity you can do here is rafting. No worries, there is always a guide with you and you will be picked up at the ending point and brought back to the starting point. Of course it is not necessary to do something active. You can also grab a drink or bite on the water because they made plateaus on the flowing water. Because the cold water is underneath you, you can feel the freshness of it.